Friday, August 31, 2012

" MY ALTER EGOS " ( Part Thirteen )

                                                        "My Alter Egos" (Part Thirteen)

She began to lead the crowd into the next section of the mansion. As the door opened, what I saw was enough to scare the living shit out of me!
There was a man suspended in the air with pins and needles through his skin!

She laughed at me and told me that I had no choice, but to go through with this. She told me that I was her special guest, who was about to experience my own evil within her...

I was mortified by the sight! What I thought were pins and needles were actually hooks!
Malina explained that most do not understand this type of 'Pleasure' but that they will as they move up with their sexual and mental integration.

"What the fuck are you talking about Malina?" I asked her, but she ignored me.
She continued to explain that the man hanging was surely alive and feeling euphoria like no one could put into words. She said that at this level, one doesn't need a partner to have an orgasm.
The pain and pleasure creates that orgasmic feeling that lasts as long as you want. It was complete control over one's physical sensation and mental high...

The words coming out of her mouth were ridiculous but the people were buying it. She is like a bad dream! What the hell was I saying? She is only a dream and I can wake up from this, I know I can!
The one lady asked if she could look at him closer but Malina said no. She explained that we may only peak but never disturb. She finally shut the door and led everyone to the next one. I thought I closed my eyes but I guess there is no closing your vision when you are in someone else's mind in dream world.

What I saw next was just as disturbing because it was of a woman. Men have always been wack jobs to me when it came to sex but women? What the hell did I know until now?
There she was, moaning and sounding like she was having the best sex ever! I wanted to vomit...

One of the men said "Miss Malina, I'm getting really horny over this, may I stroke myself underneath my robe?"

"Of course you may Number 13, didn't you know that it was permissible? This is the place where you can do whatever you wish to yourself and with whomever wants to do it with you. There is no judgment here, only pleasure and acceptance. That is what you are part of, a family who understands what you need and we will always support everyone of you for as long as you are part of the circle.
No disloyalty will be tolerated. You attend when you want and you may stay away as long as you like, but disobeying the rules or breaking the codes will cost you the dearest thing you have in your life! Do we all understand the agreement that was signed?" Malina asked as she looked every single person in the eye.

I saw their fear but like dummies, they all nodded and said "Yes Miss Malina"
The man kept stroking himself, until he had his orgasm and fell against the wall. Disgusting shit!
Malina just glanced over as if nothing happened and continued on to say...
"We shall enter the next room where any of you who care to experiment will get the chance.
Are you ready?"

"No! Get me the fuck out of here! Malina stop, please let me wake up. I don't want to be here!"

"Shut up, this is good for you Miss goody goody. It's about time you learned this shit! Now I forbid you to speak to me, I have a job to do and these people need me to give them their poison"

I was in hell, so I thought but Malina was just getting started...

( To be continued )...

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