Thursday, August 16, 2012

" MY ALTER EGOS " ( Part Eleven )

                                                        "My Alter Egos" (Part Eleven)

What did Malina mean when she said, her job was to inform us four of the evil that hides in every good? Us four? Where are the other three? And why am I part of the four now?
I'm feeling very distraught again...

I must think of a way to wake up if things get too weird for my liking.
The question is... what if I can't?

The mansion was very eerie looking and my senses told me that this was going to be another strange experience, I was about to embark on with Malina leading.
As we entered the front door, a very handsome man dressed in a black suit greeted Malina with a kiss on her hand. He had very soft lips and I was attracted to him, but Malina wasn't a bit moved by his debonair ways. She gave him a nod and moved towards the long corridor.

It was empty and silent. I wouldn't have suspected any type of gathering in such a place but was I wrong!
We turned left at the end of the corridor which led to a small like living room. Malina stopped and poured herself a drink then proceeded to enter another room, which was huge!
In that room was a large fireplace with decadent furnishings and designs on the wall. There were couches all over the place that were covered with blankets and capes.

There must have been at least 200 masked people, who were all naked and socializing with one another. I noticed that the women were all wearing high heels and the men were also wearing their shoes.
How odd is that? Completely naked except for a mask and a pair of shoes! This has got to be a massive 'Orgy' about to happen, and I'm not liking this shit at all!

One blond female approached Malina and tried to kiss her in the mouth but Malina was quick to reject her. Malina and I made our way through the naked crowd until she was stopped by a man, who was completely dressed in a black pint stripe suit with a hat on and a mask, which he removed for Malina.

"Thank you for coming Malina, did you bring your guest along?" He asked her politely.

"Yes, I did. This guest of mine is our 'Chauffeur' and she has been needing some time off, so I thought, what nicer thing to do than to let her see this for herself!"

"Fuck you Malina! I'm not the chauffeur, I'm the 'Driver' that you four need to get you to your destination! Don't make me look like an ass! You think you have a temper? You haven't seen mine yet!" I told Malina by telepathy.

"Relax sister... I'm playing with you. I need you straight and to be observing all that you see tonight will bring! I don't want you angry! Just let me handle what I need to handle, and you will be wiser by the time the evening is over! Okay?"

I replied "Alright but no damn weird shit!"

"You already know there will be weird shit , just relax... I'm very respected here and you have nothing to worry about. Just stop interjecting with your thoughts. Pay attention to each person I talk to. You will find out why I told you about 'evil hiding in good'. Stay calm okay?... Please."

Malina said ''Please'' and asked me to stay calm? Now, that's scary! What is this place and what is going to happen tonight? Who are all these naked people with masks on? The biggest question of all is why do they treat Malina with so much respect?...

( To be continued )...

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