Wednesday, August 15, 2012

" LEATHER AND LACE " ( Part Thirteen )

                                                     "Leather and Lace" (Part Thirteen)

For now, I will watch her sleep and enjoy her beauty along with that sensuous scent of hers.
Tick, Tock... She has an hour to rest and then I shall devour her again in ways that only 'I' can imagine!

While she slept, I took the liberty of making her some food as she did for me. I gave her exactly one hour and I woke her up with my lips suckling on her inner thighs.
Once she realized what was happening, she just moaned and told me that I was a very generous lover.
Behind my back was a blind fold that I placed over her eyes...

She laughed sinisterly and said "Okay Joshua, you're scaring me but I like it... surprise me!"
I spread both her legs as wide as she can handle and warmed her 'V' area up with my tongue.
She was enjoying it very much, but had no idea I had something I was about to use on her love canal aside from my tongue.

I took a slice of peach and slowly inserted that inside her with my mouth...
Her reaction was surreal. She had no clue what it was but she was sure squirming and wanting more!
I was always a very creative lover and I always wanted to give this pleasure to a 'Special' woman.
Now that I have her, I will pleasure her as much as I can without borders. I know she is open minded and that is good for me. I don't want my shyness to get in the way of exploring her body and having both our fantasies fulfilled.

She sat up as I kept sliding the peach in and out of her. She took the blind fold off and was eager to see and watch me in action.

Once the peach was too soft, she asked me for another piece and thankfully, I had a bowl right by the bed. I pleasured her that way for a good fifteen minutes or more, while licking and sucking her.
I used a total of five peach slices. She was in an absolute euphoric frenzy!

By the time she had finished her 3rd orgasm, she was once again ready to fall asleep! I was enjoying myself like never before and I'm gonna keep going until she tells me she has had enough!

She was so exhausted, I had to spoon feed her. I made some fruit salad with some whip cream that she enjoyed very much. She kept smiling at me and thanking me while her head drooped from fatigue. She looked like a little girl being spoon fed, but then again...
She really is, just a little girl in a woman's body. She is my woman now and I will look after her the best way I know.

The day isn't over yet... I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. I will leave her to sleep again for another hour or two. Time for me to come up with more ideas on how to drive her crazy.
I get so excited knowing and seeing that she is enjoying every little thing I do to her body.
I need to take a shower and relieve myself or I might explode all over her!
As a matter of fact, I don't think I can wait...

Her legs are wide open and her nipples are still hard, I hope she doesn't wake up and see me stroking myself but I can't help it ...
I'm about to have an orgasm right now while watching her sleep...

( To be continued )...

Experienced by Thomas S.

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