Wednesday, July 25, 2012

" LEATHER AND LACE " ( Part Six )

                                                   "Leather and Lace" (Part Six)

What now? Is this it? Will she tell me to leave? I'm not sure I feel too good about her being so silent. I wish she'd say something!

I had a hard time falling asleep, but I eventually did with her on my side. I dreamt all night that we were actually a real couple. They were happy dreams for once. She has no idea how deep of a spell she cast on me.
My last thoughts prior to falling asleep was that tomorrow, I would make her breakfast in bed and surprise her with some flowers. She is the best thing that has come into my life in five years.

I was happy then, and waiting to get married when my fiance died in a car accident.
Five years later, I meet the woman who could make me dream again, but is  surrounded with mystery. So, Here I lay, not even sure if I will ever find out her name. What will my dreams become?
Did tonight really happen. For the moment, she is right beside me and her scent is all over me.
If  I'm dreaming this, I hope to never wake up!

It was 9:33 am when I awoke. I was alone in the bed. I sat up and listened for her but silence filled the room. I wasn't dreaming, I really was here, because I'm still here, but she doesn't seem to be!
I got up and made my way to the rest of the suite...

My heart sank deeply into my chest, as I flopped myself back down on the bed.
With my head bowed, I asked God "Why me?" That's when I noticed, that the bathroom light was still on. I rushed to see if she was there, but no luck!
Instead, I found a hand written note that said:

"Thank you for a beautiful evening and you will see me again, when the time is right. It has to be this way, so you must be patient. You gave yourself to me and you belong to me now. I don't want you to  fear about not seeing me again, because you will. I will find you!
Love Always...ME"

I took the note and kissed it. I folded it carefully, preserving it as if my life depended on it.
My eyes filled with tears, as I walked over to the bed and laid where she was.
I grabbed the pillow, her pretty little head was on and I hugged it as tightly as I could!
I don't even know her name!...

( To be continued )...

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