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" LEATHER AND LACE " ( Part Eight )

                                                     "Leather and Lace" (Part Eight)

My head was turning so fast, as I looked in all directions, I must have looked like the girl from the movie "The Exorcist"
What is going on? Oh my God, please let it be her!
Please, let it be her!

I couldn't find her with my eyes, but I knew she was there watching me. I could sense her through the crowd...
I felt anxiety take over and my breathing became heavy. Where is she?
I wasn't going to let her get away, I was going to find her tonight!
I know her scent and that is how I will find her, I'm done waiting!

I was walking past the Restrooms, when I smelled her precious aroma which sent electricity throughout my body, one more time.
It was like going back into time.
I recalled every detail of our 'First' night together within one second, enveloping me with euphoria.
Suddenly, out of a dark corner, she appeared...

She was more beautiful than the first time I saw her!
She was wearing a 'Red Velvet' dress with 'Black Lace' trimmings.
The classiest and sexiest dress I've ever seen on a female! 
She stood there, half- hidden in the dark and half-exposed under the dim lights.
She was silent and so was I.

We just looked at each other... Neither one of us blinked or moved. I wanted to, but I couldn't!

"I told you, I would find you when the time was right and here you are!" she said seductively.

I felt like a mute. I tried to reply, but all I could do was admire her beauty and wait...
Wait for her next move, her approval and her command. What did she do to my mind?
What did I allow her to do to my mind?

She knew I was frozen, and quickly took advantage of that moment by pulling me into the secluded, darkened corner.
She kissed me passionately while un-zipping my pants. I was rock hard, throbbing and ready for her.
To my surprise, she went to town on me right there and then, with no shame of being seen by the crowd passing by.

The excitement and fear was beyond description!
I tried my best to hide what she was doing to me, but her hands kept grabbing my back, exposing the lustful act she was performing on me.

I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. She wasn't going to stop until she got what she wanted... She wanted to drink me!
I'm just a man.
Maybe, less than a half a man, or maybe...
Not even a man, but just a toy in her eyes for the given moment!

Whatever I was to her, she was a million times more to me, and that's all that mattered.
Her absence was my kryptonite and her presence is my salvation!
She started sucking harder and faster, while groping me agrressively and passionately.
It didn't take long before my legs became weak and my whole body convulsed into a furious orgasm.

I held on to the wall while she drank the last ounce of me.
After she was done, she slowly stood up, kissed me again and leaned me against the wall.

"You're very special to me!" she said softly.

"So special that you left, while I was sleeping and never cared to tell me your name?"

"My name is Isabella... Your Isabella!"

"I'm Joshua, incase you wanted to know..."

"I know your name Joshua, and I never left you!"

"Why the wait?"

"I had to make sure you were serious about the commitment. I'm not your average girl and I wanted things to be 'Perfect' for the both of us!"

"What now? Another 21 days of  absence, maybe longer?"

"No. Now we bond into the next level. You are worthy of my affection like no other. I will have to educate you on a few things about who I am. I hope that you will keep your promise and not break my heart!"

"What would make you think, I'm the kind of guy that wouldn't honor a woman like you?"

"You didn't do anything to make me think that. I just want to keep myself safe, is that so wrong?"

"No, I suppose not... "

"Shall we?"

"Shall we what?"

"Say my name Joshua, say it with all your soul!"

I looked at her and saw a little girl, who was looking for acceptance and sincere love,  I can give that to her, but would she let me?
I felt sad for this little girl, who was now embodied in a supreme shell of a female.
A female, who was somewhat lost and in agony of what she longed for and never got.
My eyes teared up as I looked at her with love...

"I would never hurt you Isabella, but you would hurt me and that's okay. If that's what you feel you need to do to survive, then my life and my heart are in your hands. As silly as it sounds, I loved you before I ever laid eyes on you. I will always love you Isabella!"

As she stood silently looking at me, her eyes became watery and tears fell from them.

"Joshua, I'd like to be able to have one person know the real me, but I'm afraid. That's the honest truth and if I hurt you, it's because you gave me a reason to!"

"I will do my best not to give you a reason to doubt me, will you give it a chance?" I asked, wiping her tears away with my lips.

She smiled, nodded and grabbed my right hand, leading me to the next level of suspense...

(To be continued )...

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