Monday, July 30, 2012

" THE SNARE" ( Part Three )

                                                              "The Snare" (Part Three)

Desperately, you want to search for it inside her. If you have to dig with a pick and shovel, you will unearth her desire and feast on it. If you had such will, then perhaps you would, but you know that you are only alive to suckle on the table-scraps she leaves for you. Whatever she chooses to give to you is more than you dare dream is yours. This is the greatest thrill you have ever known and you give her the power. She owns you and you can’t seem to submit to her will quickly enough.

To be this close to submission, but never to cross the border or to plunge into the river of her desire is her gift. You will forever watch the foreign banks pulling away from you, wondering what it was like to be alive. you ever know the entirety of her passion and desire or will you be content to dine on her thoughts and fantasies alone?

Confused, you are not sure if she took you or if you gave yourself to her so willingly that you barely noticed the loss of your will. Her power exists because of your fear and because you give her the key and then dare her to use it.

Lips against lips finally yield to a dance inside your mouth. There is nothing like the spice of her skin, the taste almost stings my tongue. She is leading this dance, this exchange of power. The pain of the Tango or the passion of the Salsa, she is expert and dazzles you with her skill and dominates you with her will.

The snare is sprung and you are trapped. She will have you and your body aches for more. Greed demands fingers, cool and strong, clenching your tense muscles, pulling you toward her. Her strength and power takes you and you can’t remember any other moment before this.

( To be continued )...
Experienced by James G.

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