Tuesday, July 31, 2012


                                                      "The Weirdest Sense Of Humor"

My friends all say it..."You have by far the weirdest sense of humor I've ever experienced". I have to agree with them every time, because one thing is for sure, I just don't get jokes. When I say that, I mean just that. I DON'T get jokes, however simple or complex, it may as well be an alien trying to communicate with me.

I don't understand it myself, but that's what I have to deal with and accept.
They try to make me understand over and over, but to no avail. It really bothers them all to no end, because they really want to see me laugh and get the punch-line.
I, without fail need I mention, always seem to let them down. They just look at me with that confused expression on their faces, and ask..."How the hell do you not get it?" I guess I look just as confused, because they end up laughing at me because of my expression. Well at least somebody's laughing.

I will sometimes just share past experiences with friends, and they all break into an uncontrollable laughter.
Funny thing is, I'm not joking. They just all seem to think I'm funny.

Maybe I've missed my calling, and should have been a stand-up commedian, although I really don't know to this day why they all tell me that I'm "A freakin' riot".
I don't even know how to tell a joke.
I'm too analytical I guess.  Go figure, I think I really am an Alien, not of this world at all.
My sense of humor consists of thought patterns that are so obscure, they would scare most people.
I tend to think that the only people who do understand my sense of humor, in terms of mental profiles are concerned, are serial killers!

Not to worry, I don't really plan on going off on a killing spree any time soon, so rest easy!
I will say this though, be careful how you make fun of me. If you've read some of my stories, you'll see that I have several "Alter Egos"...and one of them is highly volitile!
Having said that, now you know just how weird my sense of humor really is..:)

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