Wednesday, July 25, 2012

" MY ALTER EGOS " ( Part two )

                                                                     My Alter Egos

Being the 'Driver' of the vehicle that my 4 alter egos ride in can be a painful and exasperating job.
I'm constantly having to deal with confusion between the emotions that battle within.
For their sakes, I must change the names, so please make a mental note.

Introducing Character #1: Amy

The six year old that decided to stay hidden within the walls of the sand castles in her mind.
A very shy little girl that was abandoned and betrayed by the world of lies that she was given.
This little girl is not your average six year old. She is smarter than most highly educated people I know, and I know many!
This child is highly intuitive and pays attention to details that nobody cares to know about.
She has a photographic memory that can scare the colors right out of your rainbow!
Amy is like a ghost. She is always there, but no one can ever really make her stay.

Introducing Character #2: Chloe

The teenager. She is 13 years old and has a great sense of humor. She loves to play jokes on people and make them laugh. She spends most of her time playing with Amy or by herself.
She sees life as one big entertainment. She finds people amusingly silly.
She is the only one that has no sadness in her. She is laughter and giggles every second of the day!

Introducing Character #3: Malina

The attractive and sexy 24 year old, who has the most violent temper every man should run from.
She is the 'Punisher' of those who hurt little Amy in anyway, shape or form.
She is detached from her emotions by choice. She is driven and decisive. She is logical and methodical.
A survivor; an avenger; a hero; a helper but a dangerous foe to have. She has killer instincts and talents along with strength, that no one would or could ever suspect.
She has codes she lives by, and if you make her angry enough to make her break those codes,
you will be the one who will lose.
She is afraid of nothing and no one, and would be happy to lose her life to make a point!
That makes her scary and dangerous.

Introducing Character #4: Danielle

The well educated, charismatic and beautiful 35 year old. Danielle is exceptional when it comes to problem solving and people's politics. She can disarm any negative individuals just by looking into their eyes and smiling. Her intellect can console any type of issues that another maybe facing.
She is a fantastic listener and is incredibly good with communication skills.
She also has a photographic memory and is very talented with anything creative or constructive.
She is a 'control freak' and has a way of keeping things under control by damage prevention.
She is a visionary and accomplishes everything she says she will.
Far from being a dreamer, Danielle is an outstanding 'Leader', always desiring others to do better than she can do herself.

Danielle has very strong rules and codes like Malina does, but they disagree on many things, especially when it comes to forgiveness and second chances.
Danielle believes that one can evolve oneself and change the bad into good.
Malina believes everyone is allowed one mistake and one mistake only.
Malina cuts hearts out , but Danielle stitches them together!

There you have a light insight of the 4 main characters of my Alter Egos...

( To be continued )...

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