Thursday, July 26, 2012

" LEATHER AND LACE" ( Part Seven )

                                                        "Leather and Lace" (Part Seven)

I couldn't get the words of her note out of my mind...
"Thank you for a beautiful evening and you will see me again, when the time is right. It has to be this way, so you must be patient. You gave yourself to me and you belong to me now. I don't want you to fear about not seeing me again, because you will. I will find you!
Love Always...ME"

I went back every night to the same lounge where I first saw her. Same place, same time but no luck.
John the bartender, finally spoke to me on the 21st night that I was there.

"Hey buddy, can I be blunt with you? You've been here every night since you met and left with that Miss 'Ice Crushed' lady. She doesn't come here very often. I have seen her only 3 times in total, including that night. I feel bad that you come here hoping to see her and she never shows up!
Why don't you just call her man!"

"I would love to John, but I don't have her number and get this, I don't even know her name!"

John's mouth dropped open just like the night I saw him staring at her. He looked at me with confusion at first, but tried to lighten things up by joking.

"You mean, it was a one night stand?" he asked.
I nodded and said "Apparently, but ..."

"But what? You wanted more right? Well, was she at least good? I guess she had to have been, or you wouldn't be slumped over your chair like that, looking like you lost your best friend!"

I nodded again and took another drink.

"Listen, I have an idea! If she shows up and you're not here, I will pass on the message.
Give me your number and I will make sure she gets it! Meanwhile, get outta here and go somewhere else. There is a new lounge that just opened called 'DUNOIR Palace'. I've been meaning to check it out, but I'm stuck here, so you go and let me know what's like when you come back tomorrow night. You will be coming back tomorrow, am I right?"

"Yeah, I can't help myself! That night I met her, I thought she was my kryptonite, but I was wrong. Not having her presence is my kryptonite!" I replied with my eyes looking down at my drink.

"Dude... that's some heavy shit! What the hell did she do to you? Go on man, tonight's on the house!
Go check out that new place, I heard there's a lot of lovely ladies there, maybe you will meet someone else. I'm starting to feel sorry for you and that's not like me, Go on!
I'll see you back here tomorrow and you better have a smile on your face, or I won't serve you 'Ice Crushed' anymore, just water!"

After he said that, he extended his hand to shake mine. I nodded and grabbed my jacket.
I really didn't feel like going anywhere else, but I was feeling so empty, I did what my new pal suggested.

I took a cab to the new place and it looked very nice from the outside. There was no line-up, mind you, it was now 3am. I walked in to find the place with a good amount of people, still at it and they seemed to be having a good time. The decor was high end. A huge fountain that covered the wall right behind the grand piano.
Along with the piano was a saxophone, a guitar and some nice drums.

They have a quartet here! Interesting!

I found the place interesting enough that I decided to have one drink.
John was right, it was a good change and maybe, I won't feel her three week absence in my life.
Maybe, I can forget about her. I can at least try!

I went and got a table not too far from the lit up mini stage, where the quartet was.
They were playing old jazz, which is very depressing but it suited my mood.

The waitress asked me for my order and I said "Belvedere with ice crushed" out of habit,
but when I realised I was here to make a 'change', I then stopped her and told her to change it to Tequilla.
It was a few minutes before she got back with my order, which was strange for an upper class place like this.

When she came back, she handed me my drink which was Belvedere with ice crushed.
I was a bit confused, so I asked her "Excuse me, Didn't I change my order to Tequilla?"

She replied "Yes, you did but this beautiful lady told me this drink was from her to you, and it's paid."

"Which lady?" I asked, as my heart pounded so hard I could no longer hear the music.
 My vision blurred and I had a hard time breathing. My mind was imploding from within.

My head was turning so fast, as I looked in all directions, I must have looked like the girl from the movie "The Exorcist"
What is going on? Oh my God, please let it be her!
Please, let it be her!

( To be continued )...

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