Monday, July 1, 2013


                                                        "Female Domination" (Part Six)

He was really good at following instructions...
Just a little bit more of this before I impose my next demand.
I'm dying to see how he will cope with the next scenario I have in mind! ...  
I let him smell, caress and suckle my tits long enough to get him deeply into the depths of my hypnosis...
I am going to make him give me his mind, body and soul! I will own him and teach him the ways of a Hybrid Female.
He was lost in the moment and it was time to take it to the next level.
I pulled my tits away from his face and once again grabbed his wrists...
"I see that you are very good with your mouth, so I am now going to feed you a little more than what you bargained for! Would you like to taste some nectar from out of this world? I can guarantee you that you will be addicted to something delicious..." I seductively, whispered in his ear.
He nodded and closed his eyes. I bounced my tits with my rock hard nipples against his face a few more times before climbing up to his handsome face.
I ordered him to keep his eyes close, so that I could tease him even more.
I let him smell the scent of my nectar for a few seconds before I gently rubbed it up against his mouth. I was already dripping wet...
I was now on my knees with his arms pinned down under them, when I told him to open his eyes...
I am sure the view from his eyes was spectacular!
There I was in all my naked glory, completely exposed. My body was sun-kissed and bronzed.
My tight and musculature physique looking down at him, as if he were insignificant.
I was a Goddess for him to behold and worship!
He was stunned at first. I told him that if he manages to treat the nectar well, it would produce the sweetest juice he has ever tasted in his life!
He did not wait too long and within seconds, his soft lips and slippery tongue was on my pussy working it. He teased it a lot with his lips before using his tongue. I felt my knees weaken with each stroke he gave. I could hear him moaning along with me as he enjoyed eating me like I had never been eaten before.  
I wanted it to last forever but he was so good with his mouth that It seemed I barely made it to a minute and my pussy exploded!
With my whole body convulsing, I had to hang on to the wall. He would not stop until he drank every ounce of me in that position. I had to use my inner thighs to restrict him from continuing.
Oh, he will be mine to play with for as long as I permit it., and I permit it!
I want more of what just happened!
Now that he is once again between my legs, I can resume control.
I think I will let him see just how powerful I am, by tightening up my grip while holding him down and literally ravaging him, before I decide to rape him into ecstasy.
I will let him enjoy the view some more. Talk a little dirtier, Grind a little harder and Squeeze a little tighter... 
( To be continued )...
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