Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Leather and Lace (Part One)

It was getting late and I was bored. The last thing I remember doing prior to falling under her spell, was opening my wallet to pay the bartender. Her sensous scent over took me, even before she entered the lounge. I tried my best to ignore the aroma of her flavor, but to no avail!
I found myself salavating as my thoughts became focused on finding out who owned such an exotic scent.

I looked up at the bartender and saw that he was staring at someone with his mouth open.
It was enough that I saw the reflection of a curvacious woman in the mirror, wearing Black Leather and Lace.
I did not turn around. Instead, I sniffed the air and closed my eyes.

It was the longest moment of life, as her scent continued to fill me. The electricity grew more intense as she got closer. I could feel her vibrations in the air, which told me that she was a woman of Strength and Candor.

I was somewhat prepared to lay my eyes on her, but not completely. The next 30 seconds would prove to be lethal towards what I called my manhood. I kept my eyes closed and my head tilted down, praying silently for every ounce of strength. If only, I had paid the bill 5 minutes earlier!

" I'd like Belvedere and my ice crushed please." she said with authority.
Those words and that voice...
Such strength with a delicate persuasion.
I could sense her looking at me, perusing over the manly attributes that she sat beside.
All the while, knowing that she can't see the control that she has already taken from me!

I made the decision to open my eyes and accept my fate.
What I saw was enough to last a life time. Long, dark and waivy hair, I could get lost in!
Her form was perfectly wrapped in leather and just enough lace to drive any man or woman crazy!
Intense sexuality to make every man crumble at her feet. I must have studied every curve of her body right down to her leather-laced stilletos...

She was busy with her phone when she noticed me staring at her. She looked over at me and smiled as if she knew, what I already knew. I did my best to hide my fear and excitement by turning away.
She did not say a word to me at first. I got myself composed and grabbed my jacket.
She took advantage of the moment by pushing a drink towards me.
" Try it, Belvedere with ice crushed! " she said softly but emphasized on the 'ice crushed.'

I had no choice but to do as she said. " Thank you. It's good with Ice Crushed. " I replied shyly.
She leaned over and looked deeply into my eyes, as if trying to read my thoughts.
" I like you! Come with me by the piano. I will tell the pianist to play my favorite song and we will dance together. " she said, grabbing my wrist to lead me where she wanted. I felt so permissive that I gave her the control as though I was still a young boy.

I had no idea what her name was and knew nothing about her, except that She was my Delight!
She motioned for me to finish my drink and then led me to the dance floor.
The song was called " Suddenly, you're In-Love" by Billy Ocean

I felt awkward and she knew it. She took both my hands and placed them properly where they needed to be.  She slowly moved her hips while staring deeply into my eyes, enveloping me with her magnetic presence. All of my senses were hightened and this Femme Fatale is now my Kryptonite .
She kept staring into my eyes while I kept smelling her. She seemed content with it and so was I!

Once the pianist finished, the regular DJ came on and I saw her slip a white note into his hands.
We continued dancing with no music "Just one more song okay?" she whispered sofltly into my ears.
"Which song?" I asked, as if I cared. "In between the sheets" by the Isley Brothers.
What could this all mean? I wanted to ask her name, but the eye contact was so strong and alluring to me, there was no way I was going to break the seductive silence, we were both enjoying!

After the music was over, she grabbed my hand softly this time, and whispered into my ears...
"Tonight is our night! I have a suite upstairs and you are coming!"

(to be continued...)

Experienced by Thomas S.

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