Saturday, July 21, 2012

" LEATHER AND LACE " ( Part Three )

Leather and Lace (Part Three)

My thoughts were to ravish her right there and then, but she was moving so seductively to the music, that my eyes were so fixated on her complete beauty. She was 'Poetry' in motion!
She danced, not only with her body but with her sultry eyes.
I felt my 'Manhood' coming to life and my shyness dissipating with her every erotic movement.

The very moment the 'Lion' in me was about to roar, she grabbed both my wrists and put them above my head, while mounting me on the couch. She had both legs wrapped around mine in a crab-like position, restraining me and exciting me with each passing moment...

I wanted to put my lips against hers and kiss her, like she has never been kissed before.
She let her hair drape over my face and that scent of hers was like a drug...
Seducing me to beg and plead for her to have her way with me. The sexual communication was all done in silence.
Classy, erotic and mind-blowing.
It was as if, I was watching it all on film. It was as if... she knew my secret fantasies!

She continued to hold me down, grind against my legs and rub up against my already excited and fully erect member. The feel and smell of the leather mixed with her sensual scent was intoxicating!

She broke the silence by saying " First, I will devour you. Have my way as long and as many  times I wish to... Then if you're worthy, I'll let you have a taste of me, do you understand? "
I moaned in agreement.

She then released my wrists and placed my hands on her voluptuous breasts that were tightly packaged in her leather outfit. She looked down at me and slightly unzipped the front of her leather suit, just enough to expose some cleavage and drive me insane!
She grabbed the back of my head and placed my face right between her cleavage and begun to grind harder against my stiff stick.

I cupped both of her melons with a gentle grip and worshipped them, as she started breathing heavier and heavier. I then used my mouth to slowly unzip her top, a little at a time, until both nipples were completely exposed...
They were hard and the most beautiful nipples I have ever seen. Big and erect, ready for my salivating mouth to suck on!
I teased her nipples with my tongue while she watched me, with a look of ecstasy in her exotic deep brown eyes.

She seemed to enjoy what she was experiencing with me so far, and I could have gone on for hours just doing that...
Sucking on her big, hard nipples  and watching her expressions.
She continued to grind against my stiff hard on, but I wanted to feel her naked body against mine.

I put my hands underneath her thighs to lift her up to my face, but she resisted and softly said
" You will have to wait and earn that pleasure...Remember, I will devour you first, so are you ready?"

" Oh yeah! " I replied, with half-stoned eyes from the euphoria that I was feeling.

" I'm about to consume you and make you mine. After tonight, you will belong to me, is this what you really want? I have 'Rules' you need to adhere to. Defy them, and you will lose. Are you sure you want Me to own you? "

" YES, I do!  You owned me, the moment I smelled your scent , I'm yours! "

( To be continued )...

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