Wednesday, August 1, 2012

" LEATHER AND LACE " ( Part Eleven )

                                                       "Leather and Lace" (Part Eleven)

She moaned softly and said "Make sweet love to me Joshua, I want you to love me your way!"

She said that to let me know, she has given me the permission to lead at this time.
We were in the spooning position, so I began kissing the back of her neck while stroking her already hardened nipples.
She was moaning with delight and wanted me to keep going. She kept telling me to grope her harder, which turned me on even more!

I flipped her over gently and began to use my tongue. I used circular motions to tease her nipples, while groping the rest of her body at the same time. I could feel her squirming from underneath me and that was pleasurable for me to know.
I slowly moved my mouth from her nipples to her stomach, while my hands continued the groping of her body.

When I finally reached my final destination, which was between her shapely legs, I didn't stop there!
I wanted to tease her by continuing the worship act down to her feet and toes.
I had never done these things with any of the other women, I had been intimate with before.
It was new to me, but I enjoyed the experience and I wanted more!

I was going to show her the one thing, she has been missing all her life...

I continued to use my mouth on her feet by licking them and finally sucking her toes, the way I sucked her nipples. She was responsive to every motion I made with my mouth and tongue.

I wasn't done yet, the day was just beginning. I had more fantasies that I planned on doing and she is eagerly awaiting for more...

( To be continued )...

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