Wednesday, August 8, 2012

" MY ALTER EGOS " ( Part Eight )

                                                         "My Alter Egos" (Part Eight)

For now, Malina is dominating in a bad way and I'm torn between doing right or doing wrong in accordance to 'The Codes'...

I had dreams again last night, but this time I wasn't me. I was Malina and she had full control of my body.
The strange thing was that, it was my body yet it looked different.
It was as if Malina and I traded places! She became me and I became her.
This sounds outrageous, but it kind of felt good that she was in control and the roles were reversed.
I felt safe inside her mind and her taking control of the physical.

The dream was somewhat twisted...

Malina was dressed in a caramel color, hooded trench coat with nothing on underneath.
She was completely naked and exposed as she walked down the streets.
It was night time and even the scoundrels didn't bother her. She walked freely and untouchable.

I would question her on our safety and she would satisfy me with the words "When I'm in control, no one will fuck with us!"
She made me feel safe with those words, and I can't explain why, but I was really liking the ride!

This thing with Malina and I ...
I can't explain any of it.
During my waking moments, I'm the 'Driver', who has my body to use as the vehicle my 4 Alter egos to be driven in.
Last night during the dream, Malina was in full control of me and with her own vehicle..
A different body than what mine looks like, it was her own creation of a physical body!

I was intrigued and impressed by it all, but how was that possible?

I had no clue where she was taking me, but I was there with her... inside her head!
It was the opposite of how it is in real life.
There she was, walking with a mighty focus and there I was seeing and thinking independently yet dependent on her!
Yes, it was enough to make any one's mind snap. I had wondered if this was a form of digression on my part?

Everyone we passed just looked and moved out of the way! It was awesome to feel such power!
I knew I was dreaming but it was a good dream this time.
I didn't have any worries at all. I was just along for the ride and it felt great not to be on guard every second.

Malina took me for a walk all over town. The rich part of town and the rough part of town.
There were people everywhere. The ones from the rough part of town all seemed to know who she was.
They didn't seem to look surprised by her exposed body under the wide opened trench coat.
She walked as though she owned it all and the pathetic people were nothing more than her laborers and slaves.

Her walk was with weight but to me, it felt like we were floating.
The moon was full and quite eerie, which I never liked before.
Malina told me she had things to show me and many more walks to take with me, as things slowly get disclosed.

What is going on? Is it possible that what I thought was real, isn't real at all?

Is Malina my alter ego, or am I hers?

( To be continued )...

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