Wednesday, August 8, 2012

" LEATHER AND LACE " ( Part Twelve )

                                                       "Leather and Lace" (Part Twelve)

I spent a good amount of time licking her toes and worshipping her feet.
I had never been into feet but I sure love hers. She keeps them well manicured and smelling so good, I couldn't help myself but devour them as well as the rest of her.
I was in lust over her curvaceous body and my hands were happy to feel every inch of her!

Once I knew she was beyond ready for me to feed on, I started working my way back up between her legs...
I teased her just a little bit more by licking around her 'V' area, and gently using that circular motion.
I then began to lightly suck it as she watched me.

To entice her even more, I made sure she could see my tongue flipping around between her 'V' lips and the entrance of her magical cave of love.
I'm now having my way with her, except it's exactly the way she likes it!

As soon as I felt her legs tighten, I knew she was close to having an orgasm. I then began to use a little more pressure with my mouth and tongue. I went faster according to how hard she was grinding against my mouth.
It only took but a few seconds and she arrived with a 'Blast'!
I devoured all her sweet juice until she had no choice but to try and squirm away from me.

I was just getting started...
I mounted her and slammed myself deep inside her! She inhaled and moaned then grabbed my shoulders to get better leverage. She wrapped both her legs around my waistline and began to squeeze, as she held on for the ride. Our rhythm was in perfect unison!

Everything was perfect. Her body underneath mine; her scent; her beautiful eyes looking deeply into mine and even the lighting in the room was majestic!
I kept going until she arrived the second time. We were both drenched with sweat...'Love Sweat'

I maintained my control and fetched her a towel to dry her off with.
Her body was laying there glistening, I had to admire it with my eyes prior to drying her off.
I still can't believe I'm with her again!
She was on her stomach, draped over the edge of the bed and my mind was telling me to mount her from the rear and go again, but I didn't.
Instead, I gave her a massage to relax her even more until she fell into a deep sleep.

The few things I know about myself is that I'm good with my hands; my mouth and very talented at pleasing my woman because I enjoy doing that. She is now my 'woman' and I am her 'man'.
I will let her sleep for a little bit, then wake her up with a nice surprise...

My goal for today is to make her experience arrival after arrival until she is completely spent!
I didn't know her name for 22 days, so today I want her to forget her name at least 22 times!
She will be punished with so much love, she will never, ever want to leave my site again.

For now, I will watch her sleep and enjoy her beauty along with that sensuous scent of hers.
Tick, Tock... She has an hour to rest and then I shall devour her again in ways that only 'I' can imagine!

( To be continued )

Experienced by Thomas S.

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