Saturday, August 11, 2012

" MY ALTER EGOS " ( Part Ten )

                                                           "My Alter Egos" (Part Ten)

Perhaps, it's my turn to be driven around and ride as a passenger.
I know this much, if I make an agreement, then I must honor it and sometimes things can't go back to the way they used to be!
Malina will make sure to tempt me soon...

I finally fell asleep around 4am.
My mind had been busy all day with thoughts about the future, and no matter how hard I tried to silence my mind, it remained occupied and full.
When I did fall asleep, I fell asleep deep... and that's when Malina came and got me.

Malina wore the same caramel hooded trench coat, with nothing on underneath again.
Once I saw that, I knew I was asleep and was now in 'Dreamworld' for the second time.
I was happy Malina came for me. It felt good to sit up on my bed as a different person.
I was in her body and inside her mind. I saw everything she saw and felt everything she felt physically. I admired the trench coat and how it looked on Malina's naked body.

I touched everything I could while Malina laughed. She asked me if I wanted to feel her body  too, which freaked me out a bit. She told me to enjoy myself tonight while she enjoys herself and that I have freedom whenever she's in control.

She took me  into the woods, which is my favorite place to be, but it was dark and eerie looking.
She told me that part of my problem is that I only see the good and never the bad.
She said, her job was to protect and to inform us four about the evil that hides in every good.
Why would I argue with her? I'm now the 'passenger' and she's the 'driver'... I must respect that.

We walked for a little bit before coming to a clearing where I saw a group of people gathered around holding lanterns and blankets. As we got closer to them, I noticed that they were also dressed in trench coats or capes with nothing on underneath! I had no clue what the hell was going  on, but it was getting very interesting...

Malina walked her steady pace and I could see her breasts bouncing magnificently in the moonlight, I was distracted by that and did not see someone run up from behind us.
It was a man with a lantern. He approached us and asked Malina if he could walk with her.
She nodded and kept walking. We then walked up a small hill with him leading us. The woods were quite dark and the whole scenario was starting to creep me out.

"We're almost there" Malina said.

"They will be happy to see you tonight" the man replied.

"I brought a guest along, so make sure I get my privacy when I need it"

"Of course, my lady, I will see to it myself that you have all you want and need."

The man was very polite but had a sinister demeanor.
Right after noticing that about him, I realized that we were now approaching the gateway of a huge mansion. There were some lights which illuminated the pathway and gave it that mysterious feel.

I'm not convinced this is going to be fun for me, the way Malina wants it to be.
I'm sensing things that I don't want to sense. I'm not good at being the passenger. I feel trapped!
What did Malina mean when she said her job was to inform us four of the evil that hides in every good? Us four? Where are the other three? And why am I part of the four now?
I'm feeling very distraught again...

I must think of a way to wake up if things get too weird for my liking.
The question is... what if I can't?

( To be continued )...

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