Monday, September 3, 2012


                                                       "Female Domination" (Part One)

I never really understood the big deal about my muscles until I met him... He was also another athlete that was shy like me.
We met by accident at the airport while waiting for a cab. We ended up sharing one and then grabbing a bite to eat. We got to know each other in that four hours pretty well.
He was supposed to drop me off at my hotel room but he never ended up leaving. As soon as he saw my calves, he had to touch them. He couldn't stop at that, he went on to caress them and I was getting turned on more and more that I had to let him see just enough to get him more excited.
He was gentle with his hands and the way he touched me. I watched his mouth salivate as his hands went from my calves up to my legs.
Slow and steady, his hands were. I stood there like a Goddess awaiting for more of what I have never experienced before...

From where I stood, I could see his nicely developed arms. Not too big and nicely shaped. Big enough that I felt like a Goddess being worshipped by another God. He spent a lot of time on my calves and my thighs, touching and tracing their muscle shape. This was all new to me but I was loving every second of it! Once he got up to my mid section, he ran his fingers between my abdominal plates, then used his lips to feel my rock hard stomach.
I could see he was aroused by what his hands were touching. His eyes fixed on whatever area his hands were feeling. I couldn't wait for him to move up to my chest and my arms.
When he finally did, He moaned as he traced the veins that were prominently pumped and sticking out from under my skin. I had always been vascular but never really cared much, when others would feel the need to touch my thick solid veins.
He was on his knees while he touched my biceps and chest muscles. We remained silent the whole time this was happening until I lost my balance and had to grab his hand to keep myself from falling. That's when I accidentally flexed my bicep muscles and drove him insane...

"Maxine, Flex them biceps for me! I wanna see them flexed and feel how hard they can get!" He asked excitedly.
I did what he asked.
After all... there was something I wanted to feel that was looking pretty hard at that moment, and it wasn't his arms!
He was loving the fact that I could keep my arms flexed for at least a minute. The night was young and if it was flexing that he liked, then he got himself the girl with the mega stamina to do that!
He started kissing my biceps while I flexed them. That's when I told him to lick them and see if he could chew on them, but my conditioning was very tight. There wasn't anything he could grab with his teeth except the tiniest fold of skin. I knew that would turn him on even more, so I just continued flexing them until he got so excited, he had to grope them!

It was a bit strange at first but the sensation was from out of this world.
I was beginning to like this a whole lot, and because I had a creative mind, I knew I could make the evening even more memorable!
He had no idea how incredibly flexible and very strong I was for my size. He had no clue how twisted my mind could get.
He had no perception of what he had awaken in me...

( To be continued )...

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