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" MY ALTER EGOS " ( Part Twelve )

                                                          "My Alter Egos" (Part Twelve)

Malina said ''Please'' and asked me to stay calm? Now, that's scary! What is this place and what is going to happen tonight? Who are all these naked people with masks on? The biggest question of all is why do they treat Malina with so much respect?...

The man handed Malina a drink and took her by the hand. He led us to the second floor of the mansion, where we entered another room full of fully clothed people. They were all dressed very sophisticated.

"Good Evening everyone, I would like for you all to meet our 'Hostess' for the night, Miss Malina.
She will be personally giving you a tour and answering any questions you might have. She is also the one that will decide if any of you are to be accepted into our 'Private Society'. Please follow her instructions and guidance as she briefs you now on the rules. Malina, would you do us the honor please?"

"Hello everyone and welcome. In this place, there are no boundaries of what you can do when it comes to your sexual fantasies. Hugo will be collecting your personal information sheets and cheques for the amount of fifty thousand dollars. This is the initiation fee only, which includes your membership for one year. This also includes your attendance fee but not your special requests.
I will take you for a quick tour and show you what we have available on a monthly basis, here at The Mansion of secrets. This society is for the few selected elites only and each one of you must meet the credentials, we ask for. Understood? Now, while we need to process the information, why don't you all get acquainted. This will be the last night you will see each other's faces without a mask. Drink and have some fun, before the real fun begins!"

Everyone agreed by saying "Yes" and Hugo began to collect the cheques and personal information. 
Malina shook every one's hands while they all drooled over her exposed body underneath her hooded trench coat. I could sense that even the women were attracted to her as well. I was busy picking vibes up from the crowd that I could not hear Malina's thoughts.

Hugo ran the information and came back about a half hour later.
"It all checks out Lady Malina"

"Very Good, Hugo. Thank you."

Malina and I walked to the front and she made her speech to let everyone know that they've all been approved. With that, she announced that they will be given a special cape and masks to wear and that  they may keep their shoes on.
After the capes and masks were handed out, Malina called out names and told them to step to the front of the room. There were doctors, lawyers, dentists, musicians, actresses, politicians, religious men and the heads of big corporations. She handed them all a name tag with only their first names on it.

I was shocked! What is this dream? Why is Malina showing me this?
I was beginning to feel more apprehensive with each given moment, as to what would happen next. Could this be what she meant about evil hiding behind good?

I was beginning to understand... Whatever Malina plans to do with these demented people, I know will not be something I want to witness, but here I am...
Inside her body and mind in 'Dream world!'
I don't want to experience the tour and to  see what these people's sick fantasies are!

Malina is part of me and I can feel her darkness taking over. She wants to expose me and tempt me.
How do I wake up from this dream before the tour starts?
My eyes! My eyes hurt all of a sudden...
They feel swollen and my skin feels chapped. I want to wake up from this dream now!

She began to lead the crowd into the next section of the mansion. As the door opened, what I saw was enough to scare the living shit out of me!
There was a man suspended in the air with pins and needles through his skin!

She laughed at me and told me that I had no choice, but to go through with this. She told me that I was her special guest, who was about to experience my own evil within her...

( To be continued )...

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