Saturday, July 28, 2012

" MY ALTER EGOS " ( Part Three )

                                                          "My Alter Egos" ( Part Three)

These days, Malina seems to be more dominant than the intellectual Danielle.

It scares me sometimes, to think that Malina has the power to dominate so strongly.
It scares me, because she is not as well grounded as Danielle.
As I said before, Amy is the real 'Boss' and Malina's job is to protect and to punish anyone that hurts Amy or threatens her in anyway.

Amy has never grown up, and I don't think she ever wants to! Let's be honest, why bother when she has the other 3 to sort things out and she has me to 'Drive' and take care of the physical things?
A person can go crazy thinking about these things!

I prefer to let them sort things out first within each other's realm and then I step in.
I am their physical 'Representator' and it's not an easy job.
Where they lack, I must excel, but who is there for me when I need some counsel?
No one!

Malina and Danielle continue to battle for the number one spot of being Amy's rescuer and heroine.
Malina, being the younger and the violent one makes things hard to clean things up at times, but that's my job!
For now, Malina is enjoying the spot light. She has the capability of serious destruction and with no prejudice!

I need to stay on guard, as it will surely affect me in the physical realm.
I understand Malina's distaste and resentment, but I agree more with Danielle's way of handling things.
Malina wants to 'Clean house' while Danielle wants to 'Preserve'.
I want 'Peace'.

So much pain and anguish over the little things, that have built up over the years.
It's my job to make sure none of them get too carried away!
Not easy to do!
At the moment, Malina has the sword because Amy said so!

She wants to eradicate all issues that bother little Amy. Not always the healthiest thing to do.
Not when turmoil is at large and desperation is prominent.

I can only do my best, but where do I turn for counsel, when everyone I know, can't follow a single word that I speak about?
The only way to extricate myself from this dilemma is to exit completely.
To exit completely means to leave them all behind as a memory and me in a casket!

( To be continued )...

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