Sunday, July 22, 2012

" LEATHER AND LACE " ( Part Four )


                                                         "Leather and Lace" (Part Four)

The moment she heard me say "Yes", she smiled and slowly started kissing me passionately.
Her lips were soft and tender with the sweet taste of honey. She really likes using her mouth and was very talented with her tongue. She probed, twirled and flicked it within my mouth, sucking my tongue and my lips every chance she got. We kissed for quite sometime, which most would not find as erotic as I did. I felt like I was lost in time! 

She continued to grind against my mid-section, which turned me on even more.
She knew exactly when to look right into my eyes, as if asking me, "did I want more?"
All I could do was moan with delight.
She then moved to my neck and up to my ears, nibbling, probing, chewing and sucking them, which was enough to make me blow a load right then...

Thankfully, I did not! She followed that, by moving down to my zipper and un-doing my pants.
The whole time her eyes were focused on mine. Her mouth was not at all open, like how most girls do, to try to look sexy. Her mouth was closed and lips puckered up, making me want to kiss her all over again.
Once she slipped her hands into my pants, she gently caressed my jewels and traced my length with her fingers...
So seductively done and once again, I thought I was going to explode.

She smiled at me before looking down to see what she was about to pull out of my pants.
Once she exposed me, she slowly slithered down to commence the devouring...
She then used her tongue slowly and methodically then passioantely performed her deed, while I  submissively watched her every move.
I can't wait to get my turn, but I know that I better pay attention to how she is doing her deed on me.
I'm pretty sure that she's doing what she's doing , because that's how she likes it done to her.

Once she slipped me inside her warm mouth, it took but 5 strokes before I had to stop her.
I was right there! It was close! I was breathing heavy and her instincts were very keen.
She gave me a few seconds to get my composure and started on me again, this time with her hand and mouth...
'Strokes' and 'Suction' that I know would lead to more, but will I be able to survive the next few seconds? I want to be inside her so bad, Please God, Please let me last!

( To be continued )    

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