Monday, July 30, 2012

" LEATHER AND LACE " ( Part Nine )

                                                         "Leather and Lace" (Part Nine)

She smiled, nodded and grabbed my right hand, leading me to the next level of suspense...

As we exited the premise, there were many that said good bye to Isabella, as if they knew her personally.
I asked her why she was so popular. Her reply? "I own the place!"
I had to laugh at the way she said it. She seemed so care free about the whole thing!
The place was opulent! How much money does she have?
Not that it matters to me, but she must be well off to own a business like that...

She took me back to her place. A penthouse, overlooking the beach!
Oh my God, who am I dealing with and what have I gotten myself into?
Her place was decored with lavish furnishings that included animal prints everywhere.

She threw her purse on the leopard printed couch and told me to make myself at home, while she got changed.
I looked around and saw the view, which was spectacular!
It literally took my breath away.I stared out and thought, what could she be lacking in her life?
There was a huge fire place that gave the perfect ambiance for love!

I kept looking at the majestic view and wondered where all this would lead.
I knew that I loved her, but so what?
What does it matter, if she doesn't love me back?

She came back through the hallway dressed in a black fishnet gown.
She was naked underneath, and I could see her big nipples through the gown...
Her high heels were unique. They were leather stilettos with lace stockings of some sort.
Until this day, I'm still not sure what kind of shoes they were!

She looked absolutely ravishing and irresistible to me.
She walked over to the mini bar and poured me her favorite drink, Belvedere... with 'ice crushed'.
We tossed our glasses and took a sip.

It didn't take but a few seconds before she began to kiss me.
That night was mine! I was the leading man and I was not going to let her steal my moment!
I made love to her for hours!

I worshipped her from head to toe and teased her until she had no choice, but to let me conquer her!
This time, there was no Isabella disappearing and leaving Joshua with just a note!
If anything, I could have gotten up early and done the same thing to her, just to make a point!
I loved her and needed her too much to play such games.

I was ready to be owned and to take what I always wanted to have for my own!
I watched her as she slept...
She smelled so good, I wanted to make love some more but she was sound asleep and I wanted to be considerate.
So beautiful and mysterious, with complications that I know I will have to sort through!

I looked at the view of the beach from her bedroom window and wondered...
What will the morning bring to me?

(To be continued )...

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