Tuesday, July 24, 2012

" LEATHER AND LACE " ( Part Five )

Leather and Lace (Part Five)

She slowly and seductively took her leather outfit off ...
What she exposed was the most exquisite body I've ever seen on a female. She had curves everywhere! Muscle definition and beautiful shape from her head to her toes.
How is that possible? Her breasts were big and full, with nipples that were perfect for their size.
How I wanted to feel them in my hands; caress them and eventually trace her hardened nipples with my tongue.
She was in 'Control' for now, and I was happy to let her have her way.
I am a patient man, I will wait until she gives me permission.

She held me down and there wasn't much I could do about it, except moan with rapturous delight.

She slowly mounted me and inserted me inside her, paused for a moment and said " Now you belong to me." I looked at her and replied " Yes and there's no other place, I'd rather be but here, under your spell! "

She smiled and continued to ride me slowly, as she once again, held my wrists above my head.
There was something majestic about the way she did the little things. I never would have thought, that a woman could be so aggressive, yet gentle and hypnotic all at the same time!

She continued to ride me slow and steady, knowing exactly when to ease off and when to accelerate again and again. She would kiss me, then nibble on my ears and neck while riding me into oblivion.
She had her rhythm that I followed, but the concentration on my part 'not' to have my release was not so easy.

This went on for about 2 hours straight without a break, and if you can believe this, her sweaty body felt as though she was still wearing the soft leather attire, but with a touch of silk. I wasn't permitted to have my feel of her body, but from what was being rubbed up against my own body, that is how I would describe it. Her scent was from out of this world! The more she perspired, the better she smelled! She certainly had no problem in the endurance department.  

After a little over 2 hours of this continuous passion, she began to breathe heavier and I knew she was closing in. She was still holding me down but I had to break free and let her have a taste of my 'Manliness', so I pushed against her hands with my wrists. To my surprise, she was incredibly strong and was able to hold my arms back! 

I kept pushing forward against her and within seconds, she caved in with the most peculiar groan, I had never heard before. It was certainly erotic to hear a female let that kind of audible sound of ecstasy out!
Her body tightened from the inside first. I felt her squeeze my wrists then her legs squeezed mine so hard, It felt as though I was in vice grips. It felt insanely gratifying! She then lost her strength and basically collapsed on top of me, with sweat pouring, as though she just ran a marathon!

I was bewildered and was so excited, I also climaxed right after her. She laid on top of me without a word. She only played with my hair and listened to my heartbeat.
I kissed her fingers; I told her she was beautiful; I asked her for her name, but all I got was 'silence'
and sweet caresses.

What now? Is this it? Will she tell me to leave? I'm not sure I feel too good about her being so silent. I wish she'd say something! 

( To be continued )...

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  1. Wow . . . it seems I have such a lot yet to learn!!
    Can't wait for the "to be continued"