Monday, July 16, 2012


"Saying No to sex when you are drunk, should count as a No!"

She was a sweet girl that wanted to wait for Mr. Right. She was adventurous and young at the time and believed that a friend would never and could never Betray her Trust. At 22 years of age, she often went out drinking with her friends to have a good time until the one night, when she got very intoxicated and needed to go home. Her best buddy at the time offered to take her home and she agreed.

He got her home safely and wanted to make sure she did not get sick, he offered to stay with her until she fell asleep. She did not think any foul play would take place, but that is exactly what happened.
He undressed her and started to kiss and grope her body . She layed there speachless, at first. 
Once she realized what was going on, she told him to stop! He told her to relax and enjoy it because it was something she wanted to happen. She was in shock!

She told him "NO" at least 10x but to no avail! He just kept going and had his way with her.
He then told her that she was drunk and to stop pretending like she didn't want it to happen. 
She could not fight him off for as much as she tried, so what else could she do, but let him finish! After all, it had to be her fault since she allowed herself to become helpless and stupid enough to let a man inside her home!

She has never completely forgiven herself for that, but she did learn a valuable lesson, and that is Never trust a man-friend into her home, who is drunk enough to ever have a chance to Rape her again! Liza never reported the incident to the police, but instead waited for the news that her Special friend was also raped by a man who she claims was a Stranger.

One never knows when the same Fate shall befall you, so be very careful when defying a woman while she is saying "NO", Drunk or Not!

Experienced by LIZA B.


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    1. Sorry to hear about it, Liza! Darn it!
      Awesome writing! You have a new fan of your writing work. ;)WTG, Max!


  2. There is a difference between boys and girls, and men and women more. This difference is not what is between the legs. It goes much deeper to the point that the sexes are really two different species of animals. First and foremost women care the genetic key to the following generations. Damage done to the eggs will have repercussions for ever. Not to sound as the sexist who I am, what a man carries dangling between his legs is spilled on the ground and nothing is lost.

    Nothing in life is fair ... But I don't hear women complain that it is unfair that turtles get to carry their homes around with them on their backs. You say that you're not a turtle ... Well you're not a man either. Get us to the idea that you're not a man and rejoice that you're not. Women are a different species from men and they need to acknowledge that the two of them have a different function to perform in life.

    Now for your story she went out drinking ... Drinking damages eggs. Here was the first mistake she made. The second was her idea that "best buddy at the time" could be a man. "Sex is what women have and men want." Her "best buddy at the time" was performing as nature breed him to be. That is to spread his seed in the widest circle that he can in any method that he can.

    So does No! Mean No? No, but a hard kick in the nuts will, I am a polygamist with five wives and fifteen children, eleven of them girls. I have the hardest time convincing them that I and their brothers even though we would die to protect them from the evils of the world still represent another species of animals.

    Dusty Cook

    1. No always means no. Any assertion otherwise is condoning rape. There is no excuse for rape. If she made mistakes, they were minor ones, as compared to his criminal ones. I'm always appalled when I see people saying anything that smacks of justifying rape. There is never an excuse. A woman is not to blame for a man's decision to rape.

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    3. @ Dustycook: trust. She paid for it dearly, I would say! She atleast, did not pretend to be a saint. She just dealt with it the best way she can... Hugs and thanks ofr the awesome reply!
      @ Ciara:Yes Ciara, I do agree with you and that is why I got permission to write it. I am sure this shit happens often! SAD! Thank you for your comment sister!