Thursday, July 19, 2012

" LEATHER AND LACE " ( Part Two )

Leather and Lace (Part Two)

I let her lead me by the hand and once again, I felt like a little boy in a man's body just waiting for the Unexpected to happen. I watched how she walked and the way her hair slightly bounced. Her manerisms exuded sensuality through and through. It was difficult to keep my composure.
Less than an hour ago, I was just a lonely guy, who had a mundane job that I hated and friends I didn't care to be around with.
Now, I am being led by the hand of my 'Dream Girl' that is also my Kryptonite.

I am nervous to be near her. I feel inadequate but too damn excited to quit now! We are getting closer to her suite and I can feel my muscles getting tighter. The aroma of sensuality has now been replaced with fear-biting tension. I wonder what her desires are and why she picked me?

"It's only appropriate for the gentleman to open the door for the lady..." she said, as she handed me the key.
I proceeded to open the door, and to my surprise... She swiftly moved us through the entry, slammed the door and said " It may be a man's job to open the door, but it's the woman's job to close it" in a naughty, playful tone.
Once again, I felt frozen as she walked away. With a thousand different possibilities running through my mind, how could I cope with thought of disappointing her? I guess there's only one way to find out!

"Are you Coming? or do I have to Come and Fetch you?" she said teasingly, with her sexy voice.

" I am." I replied.

I walked down the small passage-way which led to a beautiful spacious suite. The ambiance was perfect.
She was pouring 2 drinks and my guess would be Belevedere with 'Ice Crushed'.
I took a seat and watched her. She was comfortable in her skin, that's for sure! Those legs, The curvy ass and the outfit was too perfect for words.

She turned around holding both drinks in her hands and said "Don't be nervous, I lose my drive when a man gets nervous around me. Just enjoy the experience and I promise that you will want more!"
I just nodded and accepted the drink.
She got up and turned on some music that sounded hypnotic. I watched as she put her drink down and began to sway to the music. She was softly touching the leather fabric on her body.
At first I thought she was going to ask me to dance with her again, but instead...

She started walking towards to me... Her eyes were speaking naughty thoughts to my mind, bewildering me and beckoning me to Rip the shyness off my finger tips.
She was but a few inches away and within my reach!

( to be continued )

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