Sunday, July 15, 2012

INTRODUCTION..." Who Is Maxine Dominique? "

"Who is Maxine Dominique?"

Hi, My name is Maxine but I go by the name MAX.
I decided to create this blog in order to relieve some stress from knowing what I know about secrets that Men and Women have told me in the past.

The stories are all true but names have been changed to protect their identities. I decided to to this to bring light into relationships and to hopefully, open your mind into accepting what you thought might have been 'Un-Acceptable'.

The following stories are randomly written, as I remember them with great details. I hope you all enjoy the stories as much as I do!

" At 17"

The first time I ever heard the word 'Masturbation' was when I was 17 years old. I sat there pretending to know what it meant, as my 27 year old co-worker told me, how good it felt to masturbate every night before she went to sleep. I listened and tried my best to imagine what she was telling me in great details, all the while, wondering if she was Gay and was trying to entice me. I went home that day and did what she told me she did. No success and all in vain as I had no Fantasies of my own.

The next day, I told her that I tried it but it did not work! She then told me that I needed to think of something that excited me and go from there.
I had a problem with that. I was raised very conservatively and was convinced that sexual thoughts were evil.

It was a real dilemma for me. I didn't give up though, what I did was go with the 'Feel'. I went from rubbing myself gently and slow to faster and more aggressively, until I managed to get highly excited. After about 3 tries, which lasted about 15-30 minutes a piece, I had my first experience of having an Orgasm!
I was so proud of myself! This became an obsession for me in no time!
It became so bad, that all I could do was Masturbate, whenever I could, as often as I could!

I am still addicted to it, until today and believe that Masturbation is the way to go! No one will ever satisfy me, the way I satisfy myself. That translates to 'No one' owning me except for me! If you are like me, then you know exactly, how addictive Masturbation is! I am not ashamed of it. I am happy that I can do what I do, when I want and as often as I like. No one will change that!

Experienced by Suzanne T.


  1. Did you do it at work once you figured it out? Did you start fantasizing too?

  2. Yes, I did it at work many times and yes, I did fantasize but only at home! lol:) at work, one must get the deed done quickly! ha ha ha...:)