Thursday, September 6, 2012

" FEMALE DOMINATION " ( Part Three )

                                                       "Female Domination" (Part Three)

We were just getting started and from where I was standing, it seemed to appear that I had the control to do as I pleased!

He was pre-occupied with his face in between my cleavage, when the urge came over for me to put him in a head lock. I made sure to smother him rather hard and only let him get air every ten seconds.
It was really quite erotic to see him enjoy it that much. I was no longer feeling weird about any of it. Perhaps, due to his openness and positive reaction, I was beginning to really come out of my hidden self. An old friend of mine, once told me that he couldn't wait for the day I really let my hair down and let myself go. Was this what he meant?

After a few minutes of good smothering, I decided it was time for him to worship my back side.
He was still on his knees and I was still wearing my high heels...
I turned around and made him remove my skirt. He was happy to see the garter belt and the fishnet stockings along with the fishnet panties.
We both remained silent except for the moaning and any sounds of suction . We were happy to indulge ourselves, without any real conversation.
I watched him closely as his passion grew with each second we continued.

He started touching and worshipping the back of my legs and calves, even my feet while wearing my heels. He began using his mouth on me again and I couldn't resist...
I had to bend over and let him have a little more access. He seemed to love squeezing my inner thighs and hamstrings, which felt awesome for me.
I wanted more, so I started Flexing my glutes, hamstrings and calves to drive him crazy.

He was border line obsessed with the peaks of my biceps and my shoulder caps. So I thought...
Stand up and Flex it all! After all, that's what we must do when we compete on stage, so why not do it now for him?

I was amazed to have this type of sexual pleasure without having real sex! Amazing, really!
That simple gentle touch your partner gives you, can make you feel as if you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. It cannot compare to anything in this world!
Even if it weren't true, a true great lover can give that experience to his female counter part.

After he was done worshipping every inch of my back, he opened my legs a tad bit wider and stuck his head between my inner thighs. He didn't say a word but I instinctively knew, there was only one thing I could do... SQUEEZE his head between my thighs! It was again, something new that I had never done with anyone else...

I asked him, "Do you like that?"

"Oh, Yes! Do it again Maxine and do it harder!"

"Okay, I will increase the tension by 10% each time and when you've had enough, tap me okay?"

"Yes, more please!"

"Had enough yet?"

"No... Keep going, it feels really good!"

"Yeah, Does it? You enjoy feeling my pythonic pillars of passion squeezing the life out of you?"

"Oh yes, it's feels awesome!"

I was now moving up the ladder of unknown experiences...

Rubbing against the back of his neck was getting me too excited. I had to hold back a bit, as that would be too embarrassing for me, if I were to pre-maturely have an explosion on his neck!
Not to mention, a tad bit strange if he wasn't as open minded as I had hoped.
Thankfully, it only took  thirty percent of my strength, maybe less and he gave up!

He was on his knees with his head bowed and inserted tightly between my legs through my back side.
He may have given up but I wasn't done yet.
He was pretty much trapped and my control had gone up five notches.
Oh-Oh... I just got some more sweet ideas!...

( To be continued )...

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  2. "I was amazed to have this type of sexual pleasure without having real sex!"
    This tale, your writing is describing and bringing out that thought well. His reaction to her physicality and actions bringing out her personality, something she may have been self-conscious of or try to hide with others. Well done and hot, please continue. E.O.D.