Monday, May 13, 2013


                                                       "Female Domination" (Part Four)
He was on his knees with his head bowed and inserted tightly between my legs through my back side.
He may have given up but I wasn't done yet.
He was pretty much trapped and my control had gone up five notches.
Oh-Oh... I just got some more sweet ideas!...
I ordered him to caress my calves while I continued to squeeze his neck with my inner thighs.
I told him I wanted him on his stomach and he complied with delight.
I put my right heel on his back applying just a bit of pressure.
I was careful not to dig the heel of my stiletto into his tender skin. I used just enough force to get him excited enough to want more!
I grabbed both his wrists while I squatted over him.
"Are you afraid yet?"
"No? Wrong answer!"
I pulled both his wrists behind his back and dug my knees into his upper back!
He made a sound that sounded animalistic enough to get me more excited, so I asked him again...
"Are you afraid yet?"
"Yes, My Queen! I'm afraid now!"
That was all I needed to hear and to know I had full control of his mental state of mind.
How demented I was becoming with this new experience, but I was having way too much fun to stop now.
I wanted to take it to the next level.
He was willing to let me and I was growing horns by the minute.
I kept him on his stomach for a good fifteen minutes and massaged him with my strong hands, while grinding my pussy against his lower back. I could have climaxed a few times over but I held back.
I wanted to extend the experience as long as I could.
I followed my sexual instincts by moving up to his neck area and squeezing his skull with my knees this time.
He was moaning and loving it! I had to keep going...
I rolled him over to face me and grabbed his wrists once again and pulled his arms over his head.
I saw his eyes were glossy with a stoned look that could only come from the feeling of Euphoria.
I looked into his eyes and into his soul...
"You belong to me now, do you understand?"
"Yes, my Queen!"
"I will Love you the way you want to be loved, like this and more! but I want 7 things in exchange"
"I will give you anything you want, just don't stop and don't cut me off from this?"
"If that is a Yes, then nod and I shall continue to take you to the next level"
He nodded like a sweet innocent boy.
I smiled devilishly and kissed him gently on the lips, then asked him...
"Are you ready for the real thing now?"
"Should I be afraid?"
"Oh yes! Be very afraid. You have no clue what pleasurably demented things I have in mind to do to you!"
( To be continued )...
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