Tuesday, May 21, 2013


                                                       "Female Domination" (Part Five)


He nodded like a sweet innocent boy.
I smiled devilishly and kissed him gently on the lips, then asked him...
"Are you ready for the real thing now?"
"Should I be afraid?"
"Oh yes! Be very afraid. You have no clue what pleasurably demented things I have in mind to do to you!"
I kept his arms over his head while I teased his mind by grinding nice and slow against his already throbbing cock! This was better than I could have ever imagined and I was now becoming seriously addicted to this new way of Foreplay.
I wasn't ready to mount and ride him yet. No, the mounting will have to wait a bit.
I had other plans yet and this evening was going to last at least a few hours of seduction along with all the passion I had been holding back!
I then draped my nipples over his face so that he could suck on them for a second or two, but only to take them away again like candy from a child.
He wanted to suck more of me but I didn't give in. I continued to hold him down and tease him until I saw his tongue come out of his mouth. He began to lick the air as if he was licking my wet pussy!
He was now fighting back by trying to be suggestive and I was liking it!
Smart man!... But I am no ordinary female and he has his hands full with my extra ordinary senses.
I was glad to see him fight back the right way! There will be a future for him and I, if he continues to seduce me mentally.
"Are you showing me how talented your mouth is baby? If so, you better be ready to get Fed when I decide it!"
"I am gonna lick and eat every part of you until you beg me to stop!"
"Is that right? There will be begging done alright... but it will be you who will be begging me!"
I didn't let him get another word in. I shoved my tits into his face and proceeded to smother him.
I told him I was the Boss and he will do as I say because I was more powerful and stronger than him!
He was loving every second of it and so was I!
I finally released his wrists and arms from my strong hold but grabbed the back of his head in order to smother him even more!
He grabbed both tits and pushed them into his face even more. Now we're really getting somewhere!
I am going to put his talented mouth to work first!
I'll let him show me a few of his tricks first before I really take over his mind and body completely...   
"Oh, yeah... That's it baby, suckle them! Show me how much you love the way they feel against your face. Yeah, keep sucking them nipples while I watch."
He was really good at following instructions...
Just a little bit more of this before I impose my next demand.
I'm dying to see how he will cope with the next scenario I have in mind! ...  
( To be continued )...
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