Tuesday, September 4, 2012


                                                       "Female Domination" (Part Two)

He had no idea how incredibly flexible and very strong I was for my size. He had no clue how twisted my mind could get.
He had no perception of what he had awaken in me...

He continued to grope my rock hard biceps while kneeling down. He was in the perfect position for me to get dominant over him and I had leverage, which made me feel even more powerful.
I was beginning to feel a strange urging of something I had never experienced before. I wanted to growl every time he squeezed my muscles.
A chemical change was taking place in my mind and in my physical body.

I spoke up and ordered him try to pull my arms straight down from the flexed position.
His eyes became big with excitement, so I knew I was on the right track! He wanted a challenge  along with muscle worshipping. It felt like a good work out, except no pumping iron involved.
It was boy against girl, like when I was six years old and would play against the boys.
Except back then, there was no libido thrown into the mix. It was all innocent then...
Well, I wasn't six years old anymore and I was certainly not the average female on the block.
I may have been shy and conservative but reserved with the right man? Not a chance!

His facial expressions turned me on, which no one has ever done before.
The more he reacted to the flexing and every move I made, the more I got turned on, which made me want to do things I had never thought of doing before!

After his efforts were exhausted from trying to pull my arms down, I wiped the sweat off his forehead and put his face right between my cleavage. He liked that a lot! He just kept worshipping each nipple with his lips. From nipple to nipple, he smelled and squeezed each full breast. I started using muscle control and made my Pectoral muscle move up and down, until his face was basically being slapped my two big tits! We were both getting hornier and I could sense that our shyness was slowly going away.

I didn't quite know what made me do those things but they seemed to have come naturally easy and the best part was that I enjoyed it.
I was certain there would be more to come as my mind was getting more creative.
We were just getting started and from where I was standing, it seemed to appear that I had the control to do as I pleased!

( To be continued )...

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