Thursday, September 6, 2012

" FEMALE DOMINATION " ( Part Three )

                                                       "Female Domination" (Part Three)

We were just getting started and from where I was standing, it seemed to appear that I had the control to do as I pleased!

He was pre-occupied with his face in between my cleavage, when the urge came over for me to put him in a head lock. I made sure to smother him rather hard and only let him get air every ten seconds.
It was really quite erotic to see him enjoy it that much. I was no longer feeling weird about any of it. Perhaps, due to his openness and positive reaction, I was beginning to really come out of my hidden self. An old friend of mine, once told me that he couldn't wait for the day I really let my hair down and let myself go. Was this what he meant?

After a few minutes of good smothering, I decided it was time for him to worship my back side.
He was still on his knees and I was still wearing my high heels...
I turned around and made him remove my skirt. He was happy to see the garter belt and the fishnet stockings along with the fishnet panties.
We both remained silent except for the moaning and any sounds of suction . We were happy to indulge ourselves, without any real conversation.
I watched him closely as his passion grew with each second we continued.

He started touching and worshipping the back of my legs and calves, even my feet while wearing my heels. He began using his mouth on me again and I couldn't resist...
I had to bend over and let him have a little more access. He seemed to love squeezing my inner thighs and hamstrings, which felt awesome for me.
I wanted more, so I started Flexing my glutes, hamstrings and calves to drive him crazy.

He was border line obsessed with the peaks of my biceps and my shoulder caps. So I thought...
Stand up and Flex it all! After all, that's what we must do when we compete on stage, so why not do it now for him?

I was amazed to have this type of sexual pleasure without having real sex! Amazing, really!
That simple gentle touch your partner gives you, can make you feel as if you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. It cannot compare to anything in this world!
Even if it weren't true, a true great lover can give that experience to his female counter part.

After he was done worshipping every inch of my back, he opened my legs a tad bit wider and stuck his head between my inner thighs. He didn't say a word but I instinctively knew, there was only one thing I could do... SQUEEZE his head between my thighs! It was again, something new that I had never done with anyone else...

I asked him, "Do you like that?"

"Oh, Yes! Do it again Maxine and do it harder!"

"Okay, I will increase the tension by 10% each time and when you've had enough, tap me okay?"

"Yes, more please!"

"Had enough yet?"

"No... Keep going, it feels really good!"

"Yeah, Does it? You enjoy feeling my pythonic pillars of passion squeezing the life out of you?"

"Oh yes, it's feels awesome!"

I was now moving up the ladder of unknown experiences...

Rubbing against the back of his neck was getting me too excited. I had to hold back a bit, as that would be too embarrassing for me, if I were to pre-maturely have an explosion on his neck!
Not to mention, a tad bit strange if he wasn't as open minded as I had hoped.
Thankfully, it only took  thirty percent of my strength, maybe less and he gave up!

He was on his knees with his head bowed and inserted tightly between my legs through my back side.
He may have given up but I wasn't done yet.
He was pretty much trapped and my control had gone up five notches.
Oh-Oh... I just got some more sweet ideas!...

( To be continued )...

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


                                                       "Female Domination" (Part Two)

He had no idea how incredibly flexible and very strong I was for my size. He had no clue how twisted my mind could get.
He had no perception of what he had awaken in me...

He continued to grope my rock hard biceps while kneeling down. He was in the perfect position for me to get dominant over him and I had leverage, which made me feel even more powerful.
I was beginning to feel a strange urging of something I had never experienced before. I wanted to growl every time he squeezed my muscles.
A chemical change was taking place in my mind and in my physical body.

I spoke up and ordered him try to pull my arms straight down from the flexed position.
His eyes became big with excitement, so I knew I was on the right track! He wanted a challenge  along with muscle worshipping. It felt like a good work out, except no pumping iron involved.
It was boy against girl, like when I was six years old and would play against the boys.
Except back then, there was no libido thrown into the mix. It was all innocent then...
Well, I wasn't six years old anymore and I was certainly not the average female on the block.
I may have been shy and conservative but reserved with the right man? Not a chance!

His facial expressions turned me on, which no one has ever done before.
The more he reacted to the flexing and every move I made, the more I got turned on, which made me want to do things I had never thought of doing before!

After his efforts were exhausted from trying to pull my arms down, I wiped the sweat off his forehead and put his face right between my cleavage. He liked that a lot! He just kept worshipping each nipple with his lips. From nipple to nipple, he smelled and squeezed each full breast. I started using muscle control and made my Pectoral muscle move up and down, until his face was basically being slapped my two big tits! We were both getting hornier and I could sense that our shyness was slowly going away.

I didn't quite know what made me do those things but they seemed to have come naturally easy and the best part was that I enjoyed it.
I was certain there would be more to come as my mind was getting more creative.
We were just getting started and from where I was standing, it seemed to appear that I had the control to do as I pleased!

( To be continued )...

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Monday, September 3, 2012

" LEATHER AND LACE " ( Part Fourteen )

                                                     "Leather and Lace" (Part Fourteen)

Her legs are wide open and her nipples are still hard, I hope she doesn't wake up and see me stroking myself but I can't help it ...
I'm about to have an orgasm right now while watching her sleep... 

I watched her from all angles while I kept stroking myself. I went as close as I could between her legs wishing I could lick her again then gently touched her nipples with my tongue. I then walked around and stood over near her head. She passed out with her eyes closed and mouth opened.
She looked like she was still having an orgasm when she passed out!
I fantasized about her playing with herself while I was and what it would be like to cum directly into her mouth at the same time she's making herself cum.

I closed my eyes to finish, when suddenly I felt both her hands reach over to grab my cock.
She slipped me inside her mouth and began sucking. I almost fell over but was able to hold fast against the bed. She went back and forth from using  both her hands to using her mouth and throat.
She said she wanted every drop of me!

She also said, "Next time Joshua, just explode all over my face and I will lick it clean. Would you like to watch me pleasure myself now?"

"Oh yeah Isabella, I do.."

She stroked herself lightly at first then harder and faster and in sinc with how she was sucking my cock. I tried my best to wait for her but I blew my load in less than a minute, once I saw how she was into it. She just about gave me a heart attack! She kept sucking lightly and licked me dry alright...
I crawled towards her pussy with only seconds to spare, prior to her orgasm.
I saw her delicious milky like juice ooze out of her and once again, I was able to taste her and this time I drank her good. She was right in the middle of her orgasm when I got my mouth on her!

She was grabbing the sheets and moaning very loud. I kept on her until she tapped me on the head.
Now, we were both drained and hungry too. I held her in my arms before we both got up to have something to eat. We laughed about how horny we both made each other.

"Joshua, would you like to spend the night with me again?" She asked with a smile on her face.

"I would love to my Angel, thank you for the invite!"

"How about spending the night with me... every night?"

I was speechless. Shocked, was more like it! I was frozen and could not respond.

"Joshua! Did I say something wrong? Why are you looking at me like that? Joshua, please say something!"

By the time I could respond, she was already crying and running to the bathroom. "Great fucking way to ruin a beautiful day Joshua, idiot!" I said to myself.
Now what? This is where I lack in talent. I don't know what to say to her!

( To be continued )...

Experienced by Thomas S.

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                                                       "Female Domination" (Part One)

I never really understood the big deal about my muscles until I met him... He was also another athlete that was shy like me.
We met by accident at the airport while waiting for a cab. We ended up sharing one and then grabbing a bite to eat. We got to know each other in that four hours pretty well.
He was supposed to drop me off at my hotel room but he never ended up leaving. As soon as he saw my calves, he had to touch them. He couldn't stop at that, he went on to caress them and I was getting turned on more and more that I had to let him see just enough to get him more excited.
He was gentle with his hands and the way he touched me. I watched his mouth salivate as his hands went from my calves up to my legs.
Slow and steady, his hands were. I stood there like a Goddess awaiting for more of what I have never experienced before...

From where I stood, I could see his nicely developed arms. Not too big and nicely shaped. Big enough that I felt like a Goddess being worshipped by another God. He spent a lot of time on my calves and my thighs, touching and tracing their muscle shape. This was all new to me but I was loving every second of it! Once he got up to my mid section, he ran his fingers between my abdominal plates, then used his lips to feel my rock hard stomach.
I could see he was aroused by what his hands were touching. His eyes fixed on whatever area his hands were feeling. I couldn't wait for him to move up to my chest and my arms.
When he finally did, He moaned as he traced the veins that were prominently pumped and sticking out from under my skin. I had always been vascular but never really cared much, when others would feel the need to touch my thick solid veins.
He was on his knees while he touched my biceps and chest muscles. We remained silent the whole time this was happening until I lost my balance and had to grab his hand to keep myself from falling. That's when I accidentally flexed my bicep muscles and drove him insane...

"Maxine, Flex them biceps for me! I wanna see them flexed and feel how hard they can get!" He asked excitedly.
I did what he asked.
After all... there was something I wanted to feel that was looking pretty hard at that moment, and it wasn't his arms!
He was loving the fact that I could keep my arms flexed for at least a minute. The night was young and if it was flexing that he liked, then he got himself the girl with the mega stamina to do that!
He started kissing my biceps while I flexed them. That's when I told him to lick them and see if he could chew on them, but my conditioning was very tight. There wasn't anything he could grab with his teeth except the tiniest fold of skin. I knew that would turn him on even more, so I just continued flexing them until he got so excited, he had to grope them!

It was a bit strange at first but the sensation was from out of this world.
I was beginning to like this a whole lot, and because I had a creative mind, I knew I could make the evening even more memorable!
He had no idea how incredibly flexible and very strong I was for my size. He had no clue how twisted my mind could get.
He had no perception of what he had awaken in me...

( To be continued )...

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                                                  "Making Passionate Love Vs Fucking"

There she was completely naked, passed out and I was like the predator wanting to eat and fill my hunger as my victim laid there ready for me to be devoured...

I couldn't stop myself this time. The temptation was too great! She will hate me but I must have her!
I wanna make her feel good and forget about what happened tonight. I snuggled up beside her and slowly put my hand in hers. To my surprise, she took it. That made me so happy!

I whispered in her ears, "Would you like me to give you a light massage and make you feel better?"

She moaned and said "Okay Soraya, but be careful not awaken the Beast"
What did she mean by that?

Yet, that was all I needed to hear and I felt wetness between my legs within seconds.
I turned her over to her side and began to massage her neck and shoulders. She was enjoying it and so was I.
The whole time, all I could think about was groping her beautiful full breasts with them big nipples!
I slowly moved down to her middle back and then to her lower back , which made her want to roll on her stomach. I took her robe off slowly in order to do a better job of massaging her.

I could sense that she was getting somewhat sexually turned on, so I moved down even lower...
I was on her hips and ass, groping them but in my own gentle way. She moaned again and again.
I spread her legs a bit open in order to get my fingers between her inner thighs and that's when I felt her wetness. She was definitely turned on! I pretended not to notice. I moved my hands down to her hamstrings and massaged them for a few minutes but I moved my finger right back up near her crack.
She began breathing heavier, so I used my fingers to tease her pussy lips.

I then began to lick her pussy from the rear. She arched her back and gave me permission to have more access.
Oh yeah, I was in heaven and so was she! She tasted so sweet, all I wanted to do was drink her juice! She kept getting wetter and wetter. The more I licked, the wetter she got...
I decided to increase the speed and tension with my tongue and that sent her into a spasmatic orgasm!  He body was amazing and so was her pussy.

Her clit was just slightly bigger than mine and she had nice labia. Her pussy was hairless and smooth like mine. I think she will love my package as much as I love hers. After her first orgasm, I continued to massage her, to give her a bit of rest.

She rolled over on her back and surprised me by taking my hand and placing them on her tits.

"Soraya, I want you to pleasure me all night and make me come over and over again, as many times as you can!" She said with that sexy voice and the look of a hungry 'Beast'.

I'm assuming this was the 'Beast' she spoke of and I have now awakened it. She's my dream but I will make sure I become her reality!

The second round is about to come and I'm the one who's in control...

( To be continued )...

Experience by Sandra W.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

" MY ALTER EGOS " ( Part Fourteen )

                                                      "My Alter Egos" (Part Fourteen)

"No! Get me the fuck out of here! Malina stop, please let me wake up. I don't want to be here!"

"Shut up, this is good for you Miss goody goody. It's about time you learned this shit! Now I forbid you to speak to me, I have a job to do and these people need me to give them their poison"

I was in hell, so I thought but Malina was just getting started...

Indeed, more poison was what she would give! She led the group to the next room which had all sorts of weird looking apparatuses. There was a man with a full mask on, standing over a woman who appeared to be asleep. She had attachments on her back. They looked like strings or something of the sort. I didn't really want to know!

Malina asked the group if there was anyone that wanted to try any of it, but the crowd stayed silent.
Malina then spoke up and said "I see this group is rather shy. That's alright, if no one wants to be the first to volunteer then I will!"

I was screaming for her to stop whatever it was she had planned on doing, but it was to no avail!
She was assisted by the fully masked man on top of a table.
She disrobed and ordered one of the men from the group to pleasure her. It was not a request, it was a firm order that the man could not refuse.

What happened after was torturous to me! The masked man took three long thick needle-like instruments that were about 4-5 inches long and pierced Malina's nipples and then her clitoris hood! Oh my God, it hurt so bad I was screaming but she was enjoying herself...
I'm sure that my physical body, which was asleep has now pissed the bed from the pain in this dream!

After the piercing was done, Malina went on all fours and the masked man attached some mini weights on each end of the metal. They dangled like a balancing scale!
I could barely breathe and wanted to die from the pain. She then instructed the chosen helper to use his tongue to flick the weights hanging from both her nipples.

That wasn't enough for Malina, she made him do the same with the weights hooked on her clitoral hood. She moaned in Ecstasy while I suffered in pain and trapped with no way out!
The group stayed silent, probably too afraid and wishing they had never agreed to become a part of this elite and secret circle...

Just as I was afraid and regretted my choice to let Malina take me into 'Dream world', where she is the Master and I'm the slave.
Malina enjoyed doing the exhibition for the crowd. She wanted to instill fear in them, and it was working damn well. I may have been in pain but my wits were still strong enough to know her motives. How many more rooms will there be? When will I wake up from this dream?

I'm certain that Malina will do her best to keep me inside this dream for as long as she can. She feels only the pleasure and I feel all the pain!
For now, all I can do is hope that I will wake up and be set free from this nightmare...

( To be continued )...

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