Monday, September 3, 2012

" LEATHER AND LACE " ( Part Fourteen )

                                                     "Leather and Lace" (Part Fourteen)

Her legs are wide open and her nipples are still hard, I hope she doesn't wake up and see me stroking myself but I can't help it ...
I'm about to have an orgasm right now while watching her sleep... 

I watched her from all angles while I kept stroking myself. I went as close as I could between her legs wishing I could lick her again then gently touched her nipples with my tongue. I then walked around and stood over near her head. She passed out with her eyes closed and mouth opened.
She looked like she was still having an orgasm when she passed out!
I fantasized about her playing with herself while I was and what it would be like to cum directly into her mouth at the same time she's making herself cum.

I closed my eyes to finish, when suddenly I felt both her hands reach over to grab my cock.
She slipped me inside her mouth and began sucking. I almost fell over but was able to hold fast against the bed. She went back and forth from using  both her hands to using her mouth and throat.
She said she wanted every drop of me!

She also said, "Next time Joshua, just explode all over my face and I will lick it clean. Would you like to watch me pleasure myself now?"

"Oh yeah Isabella, I do.."

She stroked herself lightly at first then harder and faster and in sinc with how she was sucking my cock. I tried my best to wait for her but I blew my load in less than a minute, once I saw how she was into it. She just about gave me a heart attack! She kept sucking lightly and licked me dry alright...
I crawled towards her pussy with only seconds to spare, prior to her orgasm.
I saw her delicious milky like juice ooze out of her and once again, I was able to taste her and this time I drank her good. She was right in the middle of her orgasm when I got my mouth on her!

She was grabbing the sheets and moaning very loud. I kept on her until she tapped me on the head.
Now, we were both drained and hungry too. I held her in my arms before we both got up to have something to eat. We laughed about how horny we both made each other.

"Joshua, would you like to spend the night with me again?" She asked with a smile on her face.

"I would love to my Angel, thank you for the invite!"

"How about spending the night with me... every night?"

I was speechless. Shocked, was more like it! I was frozen and could not respond.

"Joshua! Did I say something wrong? Why are you looking at me like that? Joshua, please say something!"

By the time I could respond, she was already crying and running to the bathroom. "Great fucking way to ruin a beautiful day Joshua, idiot!" I said to myself.
Now what? This is where I lack in talent. I don't know what to say to her!

( To be continued )...

Experienced by Thomas S.

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